Meet the new freshers: kids as young as 11 at University of Birmingham school

The doors will be open to some younger than life students next year

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What girls really talk about in club toilets

Face it, you’re dying to know


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead

Rebecca More featured image

Porn star Rebecca More’s magical mystery sex tour: ‘Birmingham was my favourite city’

The most tattooed man in Britain had sex with her

Personalised jars of Nutella

Student Sessions take over the Bullring for its sixth birthday

From Krispy Kreme doughnut dipping to Van-style Beer Pong, this year’s Student Sessions had it all


REDS will take on BLUES in the biggest match this season so far

This Wednesday the ultimate bragging rights are up for grabs, when Birmingham football firsts take on the seconds

Virgin might want to rethink their marketing campaign at this rate

Selly goes wifi over ‘awful’ Virgin Broadband speeds

Netflix addicts are suffering


How low can you blow: Guild squares to breathalyse you on the door

Students will be breathalysed at every Fab N Fresh and Sports Night

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Meet the student already more successful than you

It’s time to flaunt colourful accessories in style

The Electric Swing Circus at Hot Club de Swing

Forget Mechu, pubs are the new place to be seen

Too sober for Risa? Not edgy enough for Rainbow? Give up on the monotony of nightclubs, and check out why pubs are a better night out


Cubanisto’s House of Mask comes to Birmingham

Expect top artists, street food, and lots of dancing


This is how to dress for your night out

The definitive dress code for Birmingham’s most popular nights


The Tab tries: Drinkify

The new drinking game set to change predrinking forever

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Look at these freshers who attempted to dress as their course

It was quite hard to pull off

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If Birmingham night clubs were TV shows

We match TV shows to their most appropriate Brum night spots

The scene where builders cut through 96 fibre optic cables!

Where’s our wifi?

University accused of cocking up after builders accidentally cut through wires that provide campus Wifi