Students think it’s ‘ridiculous’ the uninsured driver has got off

An uninsured driver who killed fresher Jade Quarrie has escaped jail as lenient judge hands him community service.

Last year, Business Management fresher Jade Quarrie was run down on Bristol Road by personal trainer Glenville White while she was out for a jog.

He has been given a 12 month community order, a 12 month ban from the roads and 150 hours of unpaid work but has dodged jail – even though he was uninsured and speeding when he knocked her down.

Evidence also suggests White, 25, only braked after the collision.

Jade was taken to hospital and pronounced dead the following day having suffered serious head injuries.

Flowers left where Jade was killed

Flowers left where Jade was killed

Students have branded the punishment “ridiculous” after her death devastated the student community last year.

Ciara, a second year English student, lived opposite Jade in halls and said: “I didn’t know her personally but she lived in the block opposite me last year.

“I’m not sure how I feel about the sentencing. I saw first hand how her loss affected our halls community when we had a memorial for her and I even saw her family come to take home her belongings.

“You can’t put a value on a young person’s life and that kind of loss, and somehow community service just doesn’t seem like enough.”

Priory Road where Jade was hit

Priory Road where Jade was hit

Cameron, a second year German and English student, agrees.

He said: “It is ridiculous that the judge decided to be more lenient based on ‘good character’ and that is no excuse for not sentencing him more severely.

“It’s murder at the end of the day.”

Hunter Court where Jade lived

Hunter Court where Jade lived

When sentencing, the judge took into account White’s “serious remorse” and otherwise good character.

Jade’s mother described her as “independent, hardworking and fun loving.”

  • Anon.

    As an ex Hunter myself I know just how ridiculously dangerous it is to try and cross those two box junctions. Council need to add better pedestrian crossings there.
    RIP lass.