Those Brummie cabbies are driving us crazy

When it comes to taxi journeys, Birmingham has some rather horrific stories to tell. 

Most of us can barely remember the intermediate phase between prinks and Broad Street, and after some of your stories perhaps that’s a blessing.

Birmingham seems to be a honeypot for bizarre, grumpy and creepy taxi drivers. But then again, we’re far from normal come the end of the night.

From vomiting to pissing, we just can’t seem to keep it in.  It’s no surprise taxi drivers can act a little uncouth at times.


Pissing in the side door, charming.


Must be from Tennis Courts

Mum'll help you with that hangover. #namedandshamed


You can tell when the driver's run out of conversation topics...

You can tell when the driver’s run out of conversation topics…

Classic dumping in the middle of nowhere

Classic dumping in the middle of nowhere

3 is a magic chunder

3 is a magic chunder

Pure and simple

Pure and simple


Plain ol’ creepy exhibit a

Plain ol' creepy exhibit b

Plain ol’ creepy exhibit b


How very inconsiderate

Only slightly illegal

Only slightly illegal